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High density training workouts

Posted by: Shawn

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last ten years you will no doubt have heard all about HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT has proven itself scientifically as well as anecdotally as it has shown conclusively to be the best way to gain muscle on a long-term basis.

Something that you might not have heard of is High Density Training which has taken the idea of HIIT a little farther and the results are certainly proving themselves. High density training takes intensity a step farther but it needs to come together with a warning as it is NOT designed to increase strength or power, it is there to increase muscle gain and lose fat fast.

High density is not a long workout for obviously reasons as it is intense and a constant push for a short period. High density training is when you are training with ANY resistance using brief 30 second or less between sets on the same movement/exercise.

High density training is also when any two movements are done as a super-set going from one movement to the next without taking a rest or any breather but pushing on from one movement to the next. The research that has been done on this high density training shows enormous benefits.

The first of these benefits is getting in a good tough workout in a very short time because of the increased intensity and efficiency of the workout. The result of training like this shows conclusively an increase in fat-loss as well as a lengthened "after-burn" affect where you burn more calories long after you have finished training.

Some studies also show an increase in natural growth hormone produced by the body also increasing muscle gain. Another advantage is that this type of training also allows you to work around any minor injuries that you might have while insuring safety when working with overload without using heavy weights.

A good example of a high density workout for only 15 minutes using opposing muscle groups. By selecting a weight that you could do 20 reps with. When you have done one set of ten reps with this weight switch to the opposing muscle group and quickly complete 10 reps without stopping.

If you can continue this for 15 minutes without resting or taking a short rest you will be doing high density training. Here is a list of good 15 minute high density training choices when training opposing body-parts.

Day 1 - Front Squat super-set with Seated Cable Row
Day 2 - Dumbbell Bench Press super-set with Seated Cable Row
Day 3 - Deadlift super-set with Chins
Day 4 - Pull Up super-set with Push Up

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