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How to make money in the Fitness Industry

Posted by: Shawn

Since the fitness boom started in the 1980's the industry has been flooded with new personal trainers and people who have found a passion for bodybuilding or health and fitness. When starting off online or school studies to be a personal trainer you also need to know what it's like to train at a gym regularly.

But health and fitness is now a very broad category and it is strongly advised that if your objective is to make money you need to specialize. Whether it be in jogging or MMA (mixed martial arts) or bodybuilding, weight-loss, fat-loss etc. whatever you select you need to concentrate on only one aspect to ensure that you can make a contribution.

Whether you offer online personal training or videos, lectures and coaching or you decide to specialize in Personal Training, owning a gym or studio becoming a fitness expert/author or selling supplements you need a website. Along with the complexity of your website you still need to know what to do to get it seen by a targeted audience.

The more specific you are in what you are offering the more chance you will have of making money. For example other related health specialties related to the industry could be anything from how to stop smoking to Yoga. The point is you need to discover what your passion is when you get into this highly competitive industry.

Finding something that you can contribute that people will pay money for is something that only you can begin to feel and understand. Becoming a qualified personal trainer who knows what to train and what to eat is useless in this industry as marketing this generic information is only going to get you frustrated and broke spending money for website visitors.

If you have an opportunity to service an existing gym clientele then it might be a good idea by starting to offer personalized and individual workouts for people who know and trust you. The more clients like these you have the faster the word will spread and you will start to build a reputation.

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