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Is Working Out in the Morning worth the Effort

Posted by: Max

For those that fall out of bed motivated and itching to get on with the day working out in the morning is unlikely to prove too much of a problem. For the vast majority of people it may take a little longer to get all of the "pistons firing" therefore training before lunch could seem too much like hard work.

We all have different natural sleep cycles and whilst some people are more than happy to wake at 5am and get cracking, others struggle before 8am, which may make working out prior to work or other commitments difficult. The problem that this causes is that for some people on some days the training ball is going to get dropped and losing momentum is soon going to result in losing hard-earned muscle mass and that edge that has taken so long to define.

Some believe that person and the way their life runs is directly affected by biorhythms, namely biological cycles that may be assessed to work out a variety of things related to the physical, emotional and intellectual in your life. Most people however realise that for the most part, biological cycles mean nothing if you cannot focus yourself enough to get up, out of bed and working your training regime. No pain and no gain is the popular phrase and this also applies to wrenching yourself of bed on a cold morning to go to the gym.

Everyone is different, everyone has a different biorhythm and a different tolerance for early mornings yet the important thing to remember is that to succeed in training we must all have the same mental state, and that is the unbelievably strong need to achieve the fitness goals that we have worked so hard towards.

Starting the day with a work out is hormonally a good choice, provided your hormones aren't telling you to get through quickly and get back into bed. Our body, used to working towards a goal will no doubt tell you itself if it feels that you are slacking.

One size really doesn't fit all with regards to when is "best" to work out. What is certain however is that if you start your day with a workout firstly you don't need to worry about missing training that day as you have achieve at least a good portion of it and secondly you will have kick-started the day the absolute best way; your adrenalin will be pumping, your head will be clear and from then on in, your day is set to be successful.

Getting the best out of your morning workout means ensuring that you eat properly before you start. Whether this is a large meal or a protein packed shake depends on your training regime, your own body and its nutritional needs. Not fuelling up properly will result in a wasted opportunity. You may as well stay in bed if you don't properly prepare yourself.

So, is it worthwhile exercising in the morning? We think it is. Trial and error is the only way to be sure how your body will respond and how enjoyable your training is during an early morning session (and enjoyment works hand in hand with motivation) so give it a good try, you might find that working out in the morning could be what you need to get yourself firmly on your path to succeeding your ultimate training goals.

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