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BCAA benefits for workout recovery

Posted by: Max

Ok people, so I am back in the gym. I've found a decent little place and I have now had my 1st week back training. Going back to training is like the 1st day walking into the gym. I feel like a shadow of my former self, however I can still see the potential in my frame. I have managed to train the full body over 4 sessions, to say I'm sore is an under statement, but it feels good.

One thing in my supplement box is BCAA's. Branch Chain Amino Acids are special, they have a number of benefits and are very anabolic. I believe they aid recovery, muscle gain and fat loss, probably in that order. A little known fact is that BCAA's make up around 40% of the bodies skelital muscle. Now I've got your attention? Bcaa's are amino acids that are found in most meat type or protien foods. The important thing about the Bcaa's is that they are extremely anabolic in the ratio of 2:1:1. This is a ratio you will not achieve from normal foods, hence the importance of the supplement.

I will post a more in-depth article on BCAA's later in my ramblings, I do however feel it essential that the use of BCAA's should be promoted as there usage is under-rated. If you are looking for that little something to take it up a notch, Brach Chain Amino Acids would be one to consider, remember these have to be combined with a proper training, diet and supplement routine.

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