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Gold Standard Casein Review

Posted by: Max

Gold standard casein from optimum nutrition, when you first see it you know you've got another awesome product from optimum nutrition. The design of the packaging is more or less the same as the gold standard whey aside from the dark red background is replaced with a dark blue background, which works really well.

Optimum Nutrition Gold standard 100% Casein

Taste / Mixability

The taste and texture of Gold standard casein is probably one of its best selling points. Now while the majority of casein products on the market have a very distinctive thick and chalky texture, that sometimes is very hard to drink down. Gold standard casein has a much more pleasant taste and texture to it, very similar to a normal protein powder. Also the majority of casein powders on the market are a lot harder to mix up due to the fact they are much thicker than the average shake. However Gold standard casein does not have this problem as it is not as thick. Infact the mixability of gold standard casein is better than some protein powders out on the market.

Price / Value

The price is gold standard casein is between $32 - $40 which is the middle of the market for casein. However you need to keep in mind that you are paying abit more for possibly best casein protein available to buy. With that in mind paying that little bit extra doesn't seem a bad thing at all. And you will be getting 28 servings out of your tub that works out costing between $1.14 - $1.43 , which is fairly good value for a shake.

Final thoughts on Gold Standard Casein

My final thoughts on Gold standard casein , are all good ones. Overall I was pretty impressed with everything. The packaging and appearance of the product was as eyecatching as ever, yet not too loud. The taste and mixability of gold standard casein is probably the best thing about this product! If you stuggle drinking casein usually due to the taste and texture of it, you will not have this problem with gold standard casein! By far the best tasting casein I have ever tried. In terms of value gold standard casein fairly good , working out about $1.43 per shake. And if I had to rate optimum nutrition gold standard casein out of 10, I would give it an 8! So if you think this product is as good as I do!

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