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Why are so many bodybuilders dying

Posted by: John

Why are so many bodybuilders dying young lately? Is it because of steroids ?

Re: Why are so many bodybuilders dying

Posted by: Paul

This is a good question as we have seen more bodybuilders die in the last few years than ever before.

It would be easy to blame it just on steroids, but bodybuilders have been taking steroids for many decades, and while steroids do contribute to early deaths, never before have we seen so many bodybuilders die in such a short period of time.

So in order to really find out why so many bodybuilders have died recently, we would have to find out what changed in the last few years.

Is there some new drug they are using that is causing this high fatality rate?

Are there more contaminated drugs on the market that are causing these deaths?

Is it Covid plus steroid use?

Elevated testosterone was recently shown in a large scale study to be associated with Covid-19 complications in men.

And as we know bodybuilders do have elevated testosterone levels.

Is it the Covid vaccine plus steroid use?

My opinion is that this type of vaccine is new and that we don't yet know what all the short and long term side effects will be.

Some of the known side effects are blood clots and myocarditis (heart inflammation), and there has been an increase in sudden adult death syndrome since the vaccine was released.

I don't know the answer but any of the above is my opinion of what should be investigated.

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