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Weight Loss Bible

Posted by: John parker

Welcome To Weight Loss Bible

In an era when beauty is worshipped, losing weight is a growing concern of men and women around the world. It s a serious issue and to some a religion. We have worked to ensure that visitors of this site are provided with the latest and most comprehensive information about weight loss, diets, and exercise possible. The articles we have are all in layman's language and concise so you can learn the best possible method of weight loss in the shortest possible time!

Exercise & Diet

No diet can guarantee success without some form of exercise to help the diet achieve the expected results. You must work out or be active in some form in order to lose weight. It's all good to go after the latest fad diet but unless you move those muscles the diet of your choice will not be helpful.

How to Choose the Best Diet

When planning which diet to follow first be sure you know:

1. Your Blood Type

2. Your Physiological Health

3. Determination of your metabolic rate

Once you have the data, talk to your dietitian and evaluate which form of diet would best suit you. There are some that focus on exercise, others that focus on protein intake, and still others that focus on carbohydrates. Find out which would suit you best and then read about the various diets we know about and make your pick. We do not suggest any one diet, as each body has a different physiological makeup and may effect a body differently.

Weight Loss - Fads

Slim, slender and model thin are just a few adjectives women strive to achieve. Diet Fads come and go as different people swear by different diets. However, the truth is that a good diet for your best friend may not be the best diet for you. Losing weight is dependent on a lot of factors, especially your body metabolism. So we recommend that you first learn about your body and the food you eat, and then aim to reduce your weight.

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