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Powerlifting, not just a sport

Posted by: Mat

My name is Mat And I've been involved in powerlifting for a little over a year, although I have been training for much longer, I've only just ventured into competing. So far I have been in three meets where I have placed top three everytime, and currently I am preparing for a national meet in a few weeks. I am 36 years old but I choose to compete in the open division as long as I am able. I love the sport and hope to stay at it for many years to come.

Well what can I say whether you're new to powerlifting or you've been around for a while, I'm sure everyone can relate to the joys and pains of the sport of powerlifting and strength training in general. This is a sport that is considered by many as a subculture, those not involved are either amazed and in awe of those who engage in these acts of strength or they scorn it because they do not understand it and they can't relate to it.

As for me I love the pain I feel the day following an intense workout because I know it means I'll be adding a few more pounds to the bar next time. How can you explain to someone who doesn't love the sport that vomiting between sets is just part of game, or how you felt the 1st time you squatted 500lbs. For those of you out there who know what I'm talking about, I salute you, and for those of you who want to know, I invite you to stick around, this is my 1st post of what I hope will be many more where we can share stories and training tips.

Please feel free to respond with whatever is on your mind.

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