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Review Of Insanity The Asylum

Posted by: Ryan

There are many workout programs out there in the market today.  Some are great, some are very poor, and some are in-between.  Over the past month I have been going through Insanity: The Asylum.  Now that we have completed the 30 days I figured I would do a quick review post to let you all know what I thought and if you should even bother with looking into it.  I do have to say upfront that the Asylum is nothing like I have ever done before.  So keep on reading to learn more about it and my honest review…

What is Insanity the Asylum?

I know the name makes it sound “crazy” but it actually lives up to it.  The first program Insanity was developed by Shaun T under Beachbody the same company that made p90X and the like.  Insanity was a 90 day all intensive bodyweight workout program that honestly pushes you past your limits.  The Asylum is geared more towards a 30 day sports training workout schedule.  Here is the outline of the workouts in the Asylum:

  1. Speed and Agility
  2. Vertical Plyo
  3. Relief
  4. Strength
  5. Game Day
  6. Back To Core
  7. Athletic Performance Assessment
  8. 15 Overtime workout

It also comes with an agility ladder and jump rope.  As you can see just from the titles of the workouts, it is all about building on sports performance.  The funny thing is that building on sports performance transcends into other areas of fitness and lifestyle as well.

My Honest Review Of Insanity The Asylum

Just this past week I did the speed and agility workout then right after it we did the overtime bonus workout.  By then end I was light headed and a bit dizzy.  I was also toast, I had nothing left in the tank and just sprawled out on the floor for a few minutes to catch my breath and bearings.  I really liked the whole 30 days even though I struggled with each workout, at the end I saw how much I progressed and that is what matters.  I do need to say that the Asylum is not made for everyone.  In order to do it you need to have a  good fitness foundation, if you are just getting back into working out then this program is not the best one to jump into.  However if you are fit and want to truly push yourself past your limits then by all means try this out.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I did moves I have never done before, was pushed past my limits, and saw improvement quickly with each workout.

Each year I spend money on fitness programs to see what new things are out there in terms of exercises and routines (call it researching).  I have been able to shy away from the trash that is out there and selectively buy programs that do the job well.  Both Insanity and the Asylum are programs that do the job very well in terms of building your cardio strength, agility, and stamina.  I would not recommend them for building muscle and size however.  The good news with the Asylum is that he does incorporate strength in one selected workout which does help to build lean muscle a bit more.

Closing Thoughts On Insanity The Asylum

If you truly want to push yourself, increase your athletic performance, and see what you are made of the I recommend it.  If you are just getting back into working out, or have knee, back, or any other physical problems then this workout is not the best choice for you.  I like to push myself with  my workouts and keep them fresh and the Asylum does both of those very well.  It would be worth your time to at least take a look at it a bit more and see what you think.

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