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3 sets for hypertrophy

Posted by: Shawn

If we examine the well-studied facts on hypertrophy most of the clinical evidence available is in-conclusive for both trained and untrained individuals. For example, the extensive studies done on muscle hypertrophy to date show that when you use variable-load resistance there is no specific evidence that it improves muscle hypertrophy.

The same has been found when using constant-load resistance, or periodization or pre-exhaustion techniques plus the adding of single-joint movements to existing multi-joint exercises. They all do not conclusively show that using these methods will speed up hypertrophy.

It is however important to note that besides the lack of conclusive proof that all the above mentioned training techniques may not increase muscle hypertrophy. Increasing volume and training to the point of failure have all conclusively shown to increase muscle hypertrophy in both trained and untrained people.

We always need to keep in mind that muscle hypertrophy comes out of progressive overload which three sets show to be the best option when comparing to the countless other choices. Traditionally bodybuilders start training with weights for the first time using 3 sets of 10 reps.

Research shows that this multiple set training generally is a lot more superior when compared to single set training when looking for hypertrophy. Training with only one set may increase the intensity and the stimulus but the chances are that the overall workload is simply not sufficient to stimulate hypertrophy.

Conversely when more than 3 sets are done, the intensity is decreased that we use to complete the increased volume. It is for this reason that the workload and the intensity are best when doing three sets. The rep range used when training these three sets should be between 6 to 12 reps on each set.

Lower rep ranges below 6 reps would be used to develop strength while higher rep ranges would be used for developing endurance. The best compromise between these two options is 10 reps, which is why most beginners start with that workload.

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