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Power bodybuilding workout routine

Posted by: Shawn

Most of us who start training with weights for the first time want to add as much muscle to our frames as we can. But as years go by and we start to get the muscle that you have worked so hard for with diminishing returns we start to change.

That change happens when we start to look at balance, proportion and symmetry and suddenly the reason we train so hard starts to change. It certainly does not make it any easier as it is all about strength. Being a little stronger this week by lifting a heavier weight than we lifted last week.

Any good power bodybuilding workout routine needs to have a change in it otherwise it is useless. You and your muscles will adapt to a training routine and your muscles will be limited in both size and strength. Muscle grows because it is stressed from different angles and that only happens because of constant change.

The cycle of any good training program is also a way of plotting your progress. For example after training for 4 to 6 weeks your biceps and triceps on the same day you change but when you next come back to that type of training you will be lifting heavier weights.

A good power bodybuilding program has the big four compound movements and selected isolation movements which will help increase the muscle growth because the supportive strength used in isolation these movements. The result is that you can lift more when doing an isolation movement as well as a compound movement.

Mixing the chosen movements into your routine with the correct training pattern can range from doing supersets and descending sets to triple drop sets and many other variations. This mix that you create to get the benefits of all is going to depend on the sets and reps that you train with and obviously the weight.

Power bodybuilding means it is a well thought out plan of attack where the muscle is trained constantly from a different angle every 4 to 6 weeks. Maximizing the intensity while making sure that adequate recovery and good nutrition is added comes from experience.

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