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Bodyweight back and chest workout

Posted by: Mike Thiga author of The Muscle Experiment

This Pyramid Workout For Your Chest and Back Is Great If You Are Crunched on Time

If you have ever done a good pyramid workout you know how great they can be.  I use to do them with the barbell or dumbbell bench press.  However, once I shifted over to targeting bodyweight workouts more I created a great little pyramid workout only using your body weight for your chest and back.  It is very brief, highly effective, and can be done almost anywhere if you have a pull up bar or even a tree branch.

A Pyramid Workout Will Help You Build Lean Muscle In Less Time

With a pyramid workout, you are increasing and decreasing the intensity which will help you target your various muscle fibers.  Instead of doing the same weight or same reps for a few sets, a pyramid workout has you start off easy, then go to very difficult, then back to easy again.  In order to do a pyramid workout using your bodyweight, you can increase the intensity by changing up your speed, or by increasing to a total number that pushes you to your limit.  I do have to say, using weights with a pyramid workout will build lean muscle faster than using your bodyweight.  I have tried both ways.  But push ups and pull ups are highly effective at building lean muscle as well.  In my opinion, it comes down to your preferences.  I enjoy bodyweight workouts more, because while I do them I can utilize my core muscles during the process more so then when I am doing a bench press for example.

Try and Do This Pyramid Workout Two Times Per Week For One Month

I don’t think you need to do more than two times per week with this pyramid workout.  You will notice after a month you are stronger and both your chest and back have gained some lean muscle.   Instead of writing the full pyramid workout in this post, watch this video I  Found for a chest pyramid workout.  It is essentially what I created.  The only difference is I changed the rep speed.  For reps 1-5, I go down and up slow in the push up.  Reps 5-10 I go fast, then 10-5 I go slow, 5-1 I go fast again.

[This is a lot harder than it looks trust me. Give it a try]

The pyramid workout for your back is very similar.  It is the same number of reps as the push up pyramid workout.  But you need to choose your hand position.  I do a normal chin up position for my back pyramid workout.  I do not change the speed at all.  Doing both of these back to back with no rest is a brutal but highly effective combo pyramid workout.  Do what you can rep wise, push yourself but not to the point of you losing your form and hurting yourself.  A pyramid workout is a great way to get an intense workout in fast.

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