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Bodybuilding diet plan for cutting

Posted by: Shawn

The diet plan that you create specifically for cutting seems to suggest that you are cutting up or getting ripped for a specific reason. Whether it is for a bodybuilding contest or some specific event is completely irrelevant as we investigate exactly what you need to create the perfect diet plan.

Losing 25 pounds of fat in 8 weeks is impossible and if you don't know that then you need to get some reality to exactly what you can achieve in 8 weeks without losing your hard earned muscle. We need to assume two things if we are going to create a diet plan for you.

The first assumption is that you have less than 15 pounds of fat that you want to lose in the next 8 weeks to get your body-fat well below 10%. The second assumption is that you already have some hard earned muscle on your body which means you have been training for at least one year.

Your carbohydrates that you eat during the next 8 weeks is going to be the most important factor when changing your body-fat and there needs to be a third assumption thrown in. The third assumption is that you are going to be eating 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight of good quality protein every day.

With the foundation of the first three assumptions we need to look at your carbohydrates that you are eating. When you train with heavy weights on a regular basis you are doing what is known as anaerobic workouts. This means that the primary pathway used to produce this energy or ATP known as your cellular energy currency is via the glycolytic pathway which means it is working in the absence of oxygen.

The only way that you are getting this energy is from your dietary carbohydrates which is usually got by breaking down glycogen where you cells have stored this glucose. This is then sent to your muscles where it is then used when you need to lift a heavy weight.

If you are eating very few carbs you will be on a ketogenic diet which means you will be using your amino acids or protein that you are eating to be broken down to form energy. When this energy is taken directly from the cellular amino acid pool from your muscle then you will be losing muscle.

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