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Chaos training workout

Posted by: Shawn

Chaos training has a lot going for it and is said to be the only effective bridge between general strength type training and actual sports performance on the sports field. Chaos training is not a new concept and started way back in 1960 by Edward Lorenz.

An effective athlete needs to make split-second decisions when on the field, the athletes performance is rated by his/her ability to overcome any unanticipated stimuli. The athlete depends on their own adaptation acquired from their extensive strength and/or skill levels plus cognitive training to react fast and efficiently.

The intellectual argument for chaos training suggests that adding general or very specific exercises to address the adaptations required to execute many different full range movements will bridge this gap between the athlete's strength gained from linear lifting of a weight to be more versatile, more reactive.

A chaos training workout is designed to increase the athletes "read and react" time, which means each workout is different. The University of Western Illinois published a well-researched study that was done which proved that athletes who have a coach perform 12% better than athletes who don't have a coach.

Chaos training is based on the simple idea that your coach knows best and can read your body and mind and knows when you can and should push harder. There are many top coaches that use the technique from time to time. From Charles Glass to the man who started Men's Health, Dave Jack all use chaos training from time to time.

You can see the kind of workouts done when a chaos training workout is led/guided/coached on Utube by Dave Jack. You'll see for yourself how the instruction to push harder, complete a set or change a movement is something that is not written down, it's taken from the coaches head on what he/she thinks is the best movement, sets and reps you should do at that particular moment in your workout.

It is not an exact science, it is the key principals of chaos training that are designed to put random forces on all or specific muscles to increase HGH and testosterone output. Chaos training has been used by most professional strength athletes and bodybuilders because chaos training helps the athlete to break through training barriers.

A good example of a random upper body chaos workout would be:

1. Trap bar deadlift 5 X 6 reps with only 10 seconds rest between sets

2. Speed rack deadlift 5 X 10 reps with 3 minutes rest between sets

3. Incline D/B press 5 X 6 reps with 10 sec rest between sets

4. Plyometric press-ups 5 X 10 reps with 3 min rest between sets

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