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Mechanical Drop Sets

Posted by: Shawn

If you have been training with weights for more than 6 months, then you probably know all about drop sets and how to use this well-proven training technique. Mechanical drop sets when done correctly are based use a similar idea as drop sets, but with an important difference, you don't lighten the weight.

Let's quickly revise the good old drop sets, which have been effectively used by bodybuilders for over 6 decades. When you are doing a movement and reach the point of muscle failure you then quickly reduce the weight by 25% or 50% and continue to rep it out till you reach failure again.

There are any bodybuilders who feel that pumping out a weight that is 50% or 80% less than their maximum, nothing will happen except an increased pump. This is why mechanical drop sets where invented, because when you are doing mechanical drop sets you don't reduce the weight that you're lifting.

You're still trying to do as many reps as you can until you reach the point of failure, but you're NOT reducing the weight. All you are doing is changing the angle, the movement or the way the movement is done (mechanical) so that you can perform more reps.

There are a number of different movements that you can select from when training upper and lower body. Just a small change in the grip or foot stance you use will make a difference, but there are countless variations that you can select to suit your genetics.

Whether you use mechanical drop sets training your upper body or your lower body, you need to work out what movements or mechanical "shifts" in your grip or your stance will make a difference to the weight you're lifting. As an example, the mechanical drop set example below is for arms.

A1. Steep-angle preacher curls with D/B or barbells: One set of 6-8 reps with 10 seconds rest.

A2. Using the same weight adjust the preacher bench to a 45-degree angle and rep out as many reps as you can till failure WITHOUT changing the weight. Then take a quick 10 seconds rest.

A3. Standing barbell curls: Still using the same weight you then rep out as many reps as possible. Take 90 seconds rest before moving onto triceps.

A4. Close-grip bench-press: 6-8 reps with 10 seconds rest.

A5. Medium-grip bench-press WITHOUT changing the weight you then rep out as many reps as possible till you reach complete failure. 10 seconds rest.

A6. Standard-grip bench-press using the same weight, you then rep out as many reps as possible.

After completing A6 you then take a 90 seconds rest and start at A1 again. You then perform this complex a total of 4 times. This is a tough workout, just like doing any drop sets you need to make sure that you enjoy at least 48 hours to fully recover before hitting the same body-part again.

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