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Gene expression and muscle hypertrophy

Posted by: Shawn

All bodybuilders that train on a regular basis would have realized that knowledge is power when it comes to developing muscle. How your body works and why it responds the way it does will never be a waste of time. Knowing why you respond better to a certain type of training and not another type of training could make the difference between success or failure.

Gene expression is a complicated process, but it can be used by a bodybuilder very effectively. You probably know very well that a gene is your genetic material that is written into a code that expresses itself in your DNA structure. It's important to note that genes can never be used by an organism, the gene expression first has to be enabled by the external environment before it gets activated.

Although your genes are expressed in your RNA or your protein regulation, not every gene you have in your body is needed to express itself all the time. Gene expression actually demands a lot of energy, so all your genes are never expressed all the time, you would collapse because of the energy demand. Your body has a built in self-regulation of its gene expression in order to survive.

This self-regulation constantly uses signals both internal as well as external signals within and without the body. The genes in your body are constantly monitoring this changing environment and when required all the cells in your body have the ability to create additional products in the cell itself to help it survive.

We will not go into the complicated details on exactly how this is done using RNA (mRNA), but this gene expression has to first create an exact copy of the gene so that it can be actualized in the cell. Instead we will use the effect of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to discuss exactly why gene expression is important to any bodybuilder.

A single workout of an hour or less affects the gene expression which changes the transportability and the beta-oxidation of your fatty acids (FA). It is important to note that this "adaptation" of the way your genes are expressed is just one of many thousands, if not millions of different ways that gene expression is expressed in the cells, depending on the changing external environment.

We already know that genetically-speaking, anything which will negatively affect the ability of your myofibers to increase in size and number of myonuclei because of a mechanical loading will immediately reduce your hypertrophy and your strength potential.

From your signaling molecules to your cell's ability to respond to these signals, plus your satellite cell availability, your satellite cell pools ability to expand and your miRNA regulation all have a dramatic effect on your ability to grow muscle. Obviously your nutrition and exactly how you train will play a vitally important role in your gene expression as well.

Science has now proved exactly how your fat oxidation and your muscle hypertrophy are directly related to your gene expression ability. Without going into the specific and rather complicated process of exactly how this works we need to always be aware that even if you were born without the "genetic jackpot" it takes to win a professional bodybuilding show, you can still gain muscle because however limited your gene expression ability is, your body responds in a certain way to the changing external environment.

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