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Probiotics benefits for bodybuilding

Posted by: Shawn

If you are a bodybuilder or athlete interested in gaining muscle then you will no doubt have heard about probiotics and how it can help the process of building muscle. Actually the bacteria in our gut is vitally important and without the 5 pounds of active bacteria we all carry we would not be able to survive at all.

It is not a simple concept as there are not only good and bad probiotics but one can fine-tune or solve digesting issues with prebiotics as well which are a non-digestible foods usually packed with other foods that is able to feed the active good bacteria found in the colon.

Just like we have bad fat and good fat or high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL) we also have good probiotics and bad probiotics. These good probiotics or live microflora in your gut will directly affect the efficiency of protein break-down, muscle repair and general immunity to the rigors of life.

Unfortunately the highly processed foods that we eat are so full of sugar and preservatives that good live probiotic bacteria is very difficult to find. One University that committed itself to this study discovered that tested 20 different probiotic products on the market and found that only 4 of them had live bacteria in them.

All the experts agree on the importance of probiotic supplementation however just drinking yoghurt (acidophilus) on a regular basis is not good enough anymore. The problem is that the yoghurt we find on the shelves is packed with sugars like fructose, and modified cornstarch.

It is these sugars and other unnatural ingredients found in most yoghurts that feed a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms including candida. Any good nutritionist will tell you that eating sugar in any form will only cause you to lose muscle and not gain muscle.

So unless you can find unsweetened plain yoghurt with no coloring and no preservatives you will not be getting in all the good probiotic bacteria you need. It is for this reason that good nutritionists or dietitians will recommend milk kefir or young coconut kefirs which can often be found at a health store.

But if you want to grow muscle at a faster rate don't bother with probiotics from some health food store as you can easily revitalize your gut using different and highly potent real fermented foods or drinks like InnergyBiotic. If you take in raw cultured vegetables or products like Vitality SuperGreen or Barley Green you will be increasing your ability to lose fat and gain muscle.

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