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How to break through your muscle building plateau

Posted by: Shawn

The experts tell us that only after training with weights for about 18 months or a year will the average bodybuilder start to reach a training plateau. Obviously that only applies to someone who has been using correct training technique from the get go ad has been using the correct cycling required for progressive resistance.

Your muscles are designed to adapt and that means that you need to always stay one step ahead and the ONLY way to do that is to cycle your workouts. That means that you are changing the sets and reps as well as the types of exercises that you are training at least every 8 weeks.

If you have reached a training plateau where you train with a high intensity for an hour but still cannot increase the weight that you lift or the reps that you lift a weight then you have got to a training plateau. It must also be assumed that you are eating correctly and that you are getting enough rest.

There are countless ways to deal with a training plateau. Whether you first try to add new training techniques or you change your nutrition or resting schedule there are many ways to solve the problem. The first step is to start a log book of your training so that you keep a record of your training so that you can refer to your progress you are making or not making. From forced reps, negatives and rest pause training to drop sets and 100's the choice is yours on how you want to approach your training plateau. But you need to approach dealing with your training plateau in an organized way. You need to deal with measurable and quantifiable settings.

The first step is to establish your 1RM (maximum amount of weight you can lift for one rep on a movement). Then next step is to select your set so s and reps so that you know before you start your workout exactly how you are going to deal with the problem.

Let's say you are having trouble with your bench-press. You find that you are having problems in locking out when you get to the end of your press and you cannot lock out on your 1RM. This means your triceps are lagging so you need to concentrate on your triceps.

Doing a movement like skull-crushers or close-grip bench-press you can then add something like drop sets or eccentrics where you get help from a training partner to help you with the weight. If your muscles are not sore 48 hours later you are doing something wrong and should select another way to solve the problem like doing rest pause or do a set of 100's or something else that shocks your weak muscle group into growth.

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