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Dorian Yates and drugs

Posted by: Steve

I used to admire Dorian Yates because he was Mike Mentzer disciple and was the first Mr. Olympia to have only used high intensity training throughout his whole bodybuilding career.

I thought Dorian looked great when he first won the Mr. Olympia, but he just keep getting bigger due to his use of not just steroids, but also HGH, insulin, etc. He brought in the big waist, mass for the sake of mass look of today's bodybuilders. He is responsible for the loss of aesthetics in bodybuilding.

Looking as Dorian today you would never guess he was a professional bodybuilder, sadly this happens with drug built muscles, yet natural bodybuilders don't lose all their muscles even if they stop working out.

Now Dorian Yates is openly taking about smoking pot and using hallucinogenic drugs.

I'm sorry this is too much, the man is nothing but a drug addict at this point. These drugs are harmful to your mind and your health.

Dorian is not a hero or role model, his success in bodybuilding was due to drugs and he is obviously an unhappy person who uses pot and psychedelics to escape his problems.

I no longer respect Dorian Yates and only see him for what he is, a druggie!

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