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Weak point training bodybuilding

Posted by: Shawn

Most people who train on a regular basis are completely unaware that sitting at a desk or driving a car, for long periods of time can shorten certain muscles. Like when you lurch forward repetitively it will shorten your muscles at the front of your body, like your pecs, front deltoids plus your hip flexors.

If the type of training that you do is emphasizing movements like leg extensions, bench-press and lat pulldowns, then it will just reinforce this type of posture. If you continue to train like this your muscles start to work antagonistically to those muscle groups that were listed.

In other words, they act on the exact opposite side of a tight muscle's joint and are then stretched, or "loosened," as time passes. When a muscle is overly stretched it gets compromised by its ability to try and produce more force. This then weakens the muscle and it becomes a lot less effective when doing its job.

This obviously, will depend on how much you're forced to reduce the weight that you can lift, how much more muscle you can add on, how built you'll appear when in your clothes, and your general safety. If have ever played a tennis match and pulled a hamstring because you didn't warm up properly, it's the same feeling.

A weak-point training plan is when you are trying to bring out all the interrelated muscles that are on the backside of our body, what exercise scientists are calling "the posterior chain". These muscles are vitally important for maintaining good posture. It is this posture which will improve everything, ranging from your appearance to how you lift weights, it is essential for developing your moving heavy weight.

When training your upper back, you'll need to focus on your scapular retraction-exercises so that you'll be squeezing both your shoulder blades (scapulae) tightly together, which is the exact opposite way how you usually move them. Doing these will strengthen your all-important shoulder stabilizers so that you'll be able to bench-press awesome loads on both your chest and your shoulder exercises.

The chances that you will be able to increase your own bench-press and other movements will slowly get taught to your shoulder blades so they can finally learn to pull back as they're supposed to. This also helps to stretch your pecs (which are more than likely probably too tight already), giving your pecs a much wider, fuller appearance.

For your glutes and any other muscles which are acting on your hip, you'll work the extension by driving your legs completely behind you while straightening your hips. People that sit all day develop tight hip-flexors, this then leads to weaker than normal glutes (glutes often spend hours in that stretched position).

Without the required glute strength necessary for the hip-flexors to stay in balance, your tight flexors then pull the pelvis forward, which will in turn put more pressure on your lumbar spine and can cause extreme discomfort. By strengthening your glutes, you'll be able to help get the process reversed.

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