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Workout Motivation Tips

Posted by: MP

I know the feeling of being down in the dumps and not wanting to train. In the past 6 months, I lost a job (screwed over basically), my girlfriend lost our baby 5 months into the pregnancy, and I suffered an injury to my lower back while doing bent rows. All these things can cause an overwhelming sense of worthlessness and self doubt, all of which I did experience. I too had feelings of what the heck I don't think I'll even go to the gym today. BIG MISTAKE!!

I made a conscious effort to get not only back on track but step it up to another level. Super high intensity training. Slowly but surely all of my worldly happenings outside the gym began to take on much less of a burden to me.

Stay focused, a well trained mind and body spills over into everything outside the gym. You will have much more energy and feel much better not only about your appearance but in knowing that you have the power within you to drastically change the way you see yourself and the way others see you.

Stick to your diet, if it isn't working try another one but set goals and do your best to achieve them. I'm currently in a mass phase and I'm using Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale's Anabolic Diet and it's working wonders for me. Every person's body is different and different things work for some and not for others. Find what works for you.

Here's a little tip when working out. Find a saying that fits what you want to do in your workouts. For me I use "Hard Work". Then when you're ready to push those big weights close your eyes and repeat your saying 3 times to yourself then grab that weight and push it with intensity like you've never exerted before. Sounds corny but it works. Remember always warm up properly, stretch between sets, and have a capable spotter when you're unsure of yourself.

Life is no bowl of cherries but stay focused and you will meet and defeat anything that this world spits at you.

Until next time, TRAIN HARD=TRAIN SMART!


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