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Anabolic Diet for Bodybuilders

Posted by: MP

This post is about a diet which may be new to some of you, the anabolic diet. It is somewhat similar to other high fat, low carb diets, used for weight loss. This diet however is tailored to the bodybuilder. A sample diet of around 3000 calories may look as follows:

4 fried eggs in 2 tbsp butter 508
4 slices of bacon fried140
2oz. pepperoni280
3oz. string cheese240
8oz. ground beef704
2oz. cheese220
1 tbs mustard8
5 saltine crackers60
1oz. bacon cheese spread80
8oz. pot roast510
1oz. jack cheese110
2 pieces toast melba32
1oz. pistachios,164
Total Calories3056

The idea is to keep carbs below 30g for 6 days then load up on carbs for 1 day. This triggers the body to switch to a fat burning machine for energy rather than carbs. DO NOT try to eat lean meats on this diet. The fat is needed in the diet to spare the body from using protein as it's fuel source. NEVER force the body to burn protein, as this causes muscle loss. The high amounts of fat in the diet also gives the body an ANABOLIC enviroment which naturally increases testosterone. The more test in the body the more potential for muscle growth. I have used this diet several times in the past and it does work. I personally never stay on 1 diet. I switch them up to "trick" my body.

You may find as others have that this diet may be very benificial to your goals. I like to supplement with fish oils and milk thistle while on this diet to help with proper cholesterol and liver function, also drink plenty of water. Plain coffee, tea, diet sodas are fine on this diet. Be sure to check label ingredients for carb contents of everything you ingest. As with all diets, consult a physician before beginning this diet. Good Luck!!

Until next time, train smart and train hard.


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