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The benefits of warm up and stretching before your workout

Posted by: MP

My focus of this post is on the proper way to warm up and stretch. These are important aspects of any good training routine.

1. They help to insure a safe workout

2. It helps the body and muscles recover better and faster

3. It allows the muscle to become larger (our main goal in bodybuilding)

I will use biceps as an example: Grab a pair of 10-20# d-bells, depending on your strength level, and do 3 sets of 15-20 reps of alternating dumbell curls. This is to thoroughly WARM UP the targeted muscle group. Then stetch the biceps, holding each stretch for at least 15sec. Then move on to your working sets for biceps. I like to do 2-4 working sets for small muscle groups and 4-6 for larger ones. Be sure to stretch between each set and by all means NEVER stretch a Cold muscle this could lead to tears. Choose 2-4 exercises (2-4 sets per ex.) and attack the weights with intensity and focus but don't go overboard, use aspotter for a couple of forced reps if possible.

These principles I've outlined can be utilized with every muscle group.They can help insure a safe training regimen, and will help you recover out of the gym, plus they are scientifically proven to do the ultimate. Flush acid buildup from the muscle and allow the muscle belly to become BIGGER.

Until next time....train smarter, train harder.


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