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Bodybuilding Vitamins and Minerals

Posted by: PFB

Functions of vitamins and minerals

Bodybuilders and any other sportsmen need plenty of high quality vitamins and minerals. The nutrition of a modern man "guarantees" a chronic shortage of main vitamins and mineral substances. The conclusion: these should be taken in the form of supplements.

  • Vitamin C
    Strengthens connective tissues: tendons, cords, bones, joints and skin integument.

  • Vitamin E
    Defends cellular membranes from the effect of free radicals

  • Carotenoids
    Strengthens and defends skin integument and vision

  • Thiaminum.
    Participates in the carbohydrate synthesis of energy

  • Riboflavinum
    Participates in the reactions of food processing into energy

  • Acidum folicum
    Hemopoiesis, amino- and nucleic acids' synthesis

  • Iron
    Transfers oxygen

  • Calcium
    Strengthens a bony tissue and teeth, coagulates blood, promotes to muscular contraction

  • Zincum
    Comprises a structure of enzymes , hormones; antioxidant

  • Potassium
    Salt balance, strengthens a heart rhythm, bony tissue and nervous system

  • Magnesium
    Strengthens and maintains a bony tissue, activates the enzymes, participating in protein synthesis, relaxes a muscle, strengthens a nervous system, prevention of cardiac diseases

  • Chromium
    Participates in metabolic processes, processing a glucose, fats and energy

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