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Beginner Bodybuilding Tips

Posted by: PFB

Bodybuilding beginners should train only three times per week, training all the body during each work-out and taking a rest one whole day between training as a minimum. You can divide the program of trainings even among three consequent training days.

As a rule, advanced athletes prefer to rest on the fourth day. This system is known as the split "3+1". It is very popular among the majority of the bodybuilders and it is actually the scheme that is the most often used one among the champions in our kind of sports by the selection of training frequency .

    The very effective program, that was extremely popular in 90 years - this is the technique of "split in a day". According to this system of the weekly cycle construction you do the first half of training in one day; then - a day of rest . After it, on the following day, the second half of the training program shall be done, that is accompanied with one more day of rest. Then all the above mentioned scheme shall be simply repeated. The format " split in a day " is probably the almost ideal format of trainings for those people, whose recovery ability is not the ideal one .

    Besides this system, that includes the training of high intensity , or those trainings, which are based on the usage of the large number of exercises with large weights and "qualitative" work during the approaches. So, the frequency of trainings is an essential factor playing a considerable role in your bodybuilding well-being.

Successful bodybuilding rests on three factors:

  • 1. Intensive exercises with progressing resistance and the usage of free loads and simple loaded disks from a barbell of simulators.

  • 2. The correctly arranged diet, that serves the purpose of provision of working muscles and the maintenance of irreproachable function of all systems of the organism and the body as a whole.

  • 3. Adequate rest and sleep with the purpose of perfect recovery after trainings.

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