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Bodybuilding neck exercises

Posted by: PFB

Development of the Neck Muscles
Many bodybuilders of the world level in the description of own trainings do not mention the exercises relating to the neck muscles. Out of the famous bodybuilders hardly one English man Bill Richardson can boast with nothing less than a champion neck with the volume of more than 50 cm, and else Michael Dayton, who can suppress a tightening loop with the power of the neck muscles.
It is necessary to train the neck muscles 2-3 times per week, in 5-6 approaches, affecting the muscles in different angles. The number of repetition is not of special importance, it is important not to try to load a muscle up to the limit by each approach, but to work in an average pace along all the amplitude.

  • 1. Wrestler's bridge
    Having descended on the knees, leaned with a head against a soft mat, and helping at first with hands , to do the all-round movements in different sides, and both forward and backward as well. Do it until the fatigue.
  • 2. Inclination with resistance
    1 version. Using the resistance, creating by the efforts of hands, coupling them in "lock" on the back of the head, making pressure, bending the head forward and then, resisting to the movement, - in the initial position. Do the same, making pressure with one or two hands from below in the chin. II version. The same movements , but using the resistance of the hands of a partner. In this case it is necessary to be very careful, as any jerks, careless movements can lead to a trauma.
  • 3. Metronome with the usage of a head helmet
    Having made a simple, but durable headgear out of several canvas belts and having fixed reliably a weight, to make the rise of the head. For the training of the front surface of the neck muscles it is necessary to lie with the back on a horizontal bench in a way that the weight fixed on the helmet from behind , hangs free. Having lowered the head, maximally downwards without yanks, lift it up slowly. Without stops - to repeat 20-25 times. The weight of loads is small.
    For the neck back surface: to lie down with the breast on a horizontal bench. The weight is fixed on the helmet in front. Lowerings and rises of the head. Instead of the weight you can use a rubber damper . Besides, lying on the side, using the helmet, train the side surfaces of the neck muscles with the inclinations of the head to the shoulders along the full amplitude.
    Have in mind: the neck muscles of the non-trained people are weak, they can be easy traumatized , so , please, be careful!

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