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What does anabolic mean in bodybuilding?

Posted by: Paul

When people hear the word anabolic many of them think of steroids right away. This is not true. The word Anabolic means the building up of muscle tissue. So many things besides steroids can be anabolic. Things such as workouts, diet, rest, recovery and supplements all help build your muscles. Keep reading and I'm sure you will learn many new things that will help you reach your bodybuilding goals faster.

Anabolic Diet

Diet is a very important anabolic factor. If you are eating too little or not the right things you will become catabolic, but if you eat enough of the right things you will become anabolic and will grow.

My own version of the anabolic diet is that I concentrate on lean proteins such as egg whites, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. along with lot of fresh raw vegetables and fruits, and occasionally some potatoes or brown rice. I keep away from junk food, and eat no grains, wheat or dairy. I eat a high protein meal every 2 to 3 waking hours, to make sure my body has what it need to grow, and if I need more energy nothing beat fresh raw fruit.

Anabolic Supplements

Once you have your workouts, diet and rest correct for muscle gains, you can then look into some anabolic supplements to help you make even better progress. Here is what I feel are the best anabolic supplements to take:

Amino Acids: The building blocks of muscle. They are easily absorbed by the body and have big anabolic and anti-catabolic effects.

Testosterone Boosters: DHEA, tribulus terrestris, long jack, chysin, saw palmetto all help to boost your own natural testosterone which will help you build more muscle and lose fat.

Kre-Alkalyn: The best form of creatine, gives great pumps and you will feel stronger and look bigger in a few week time.

Ecdysterone: Works by increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. So be sure your diet is very high in protein when using it. People using it see the more muscle, less fat and find they are stronger and have more endurance in the gym.

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