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Teen Weight Loss

Posted by: Pauline M (xox_thugmisses_xox@hotmail.com)

I'm 16 yrs old and over weight and i dont know how to lose weight. I can't seem to stick to exercise routines. I always lose focus. I eat alot also and i can't seem to keep it down. I weigh 145 and want to lose some weight and build muscles but i need help sticking to it. How can i make this easier and faster?

Re: Teen Weight Loss

Posted by: Doug dirtymeany@hotmail.com)

The only way I found to loose wieght but keep the strength was jogging. Start at one mile for a couple of weeks, 1.5, then 2. I'm up to 3 miles now, about to go to 3.5 and I just weighed in at 220. It took about 3 months but I didn't run everyday and I was pretty keen on the low fat food, but I could have been more agressive. My arms are still 17", chest etc. except ,my legs have leaned out a little more. Good luck!

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