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Can I build muscle without steroids

Posted by: Paul

How did men become big and strong before steroids were invented?

The simple answer to that question is HARD WORK but genetics also plays a big role as well as your somatotype that you got from your parents. The point is that the only way that you are going to put on muscle consistently without slipping into that dreaded plateau where you are not getting any stronger is by following a completely disciplined program.

This comes from eating correctly and training correctly assuming that you have the God-given genetics to be able to pick up muscle in the first place. Even Arnold took steroids but things were very different back then as not only were the steroids that were available of a much poorer quality but also the understanding of how the body reacts to steroids was still evolving.

Arnold has admitted to taking steroids but he says at his peak he was taking them for two months a year and that was it. If we compare Ronnie Coleman today at 5'11" and 310 pounds compared to Arnold at 6'2" and 235 pounds we can see the difference.

The principals of progressive resistance have not changed since the invention of steroids. Whether you train hard and take steroids or you train hard and don't take steroids you will still get stronger by the slow progressive increase of the weights that you lift.

Nobody can do a 700 lbs deadlift by sitting on the couch all day and that is something that we all realize to be the truth just by training once with a high intensity.

However we need to put the so called "magic bullet"' of steroids into perspective here. Taking any steroid will increase the rate at which you can put on muscle but with the probability that your kidneys will collapse and your liver will malfunction it certainly seems a disproportional risk to take.

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