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What Do Bodybuilders Eat

Posted by: Paul

You can increase your muscle mass and lower your body-fat, if you follow the basic rules of a bodybuilder diet. The daily calorie requirement that you specifically need will depend on your age, weight and activity that you do.

Without going into the complicated reasons why all bodybuilders do this you need to eat every 2 or 3 hours during your day. Proteins mixed with good complex carbohydrates and some good quality fats are the basic requirements for these 5 to 7 meals that you are having during your day.

You will also be advised from nearly every corner of the bodybuilding community to add flaxseeds and or flaxseed oil to a few of these meals as this will help a lot with the required testosterone that you are going to need to build the muscle that you want as a bodybuilder.

It may sound like it is unrelated to a bodybuilding diet but the only way that any bodybuilder is going to get results is to make sure that he or she is drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You should try to take in 8 glasses of good quality water every day.

You can include your two very important meals of the day, which are your pre and post workout meals as part of the 5 or 7 meals that you are planning. It is a good idea to get protein powder as it will supply you with the protein requirement for that meal as well as add the carbs depending on what you add to the smoothie that you make up.

Eating good quality protein like tuna or turkey is important as a bodybuilder. Not only do you want to always have protein available for the protein synthesis that is happening when your muscles are busy repairing from that intense workout you did yesterday, but you also need the carbs to feed your glycogen depleted muscles.

Vegetables are vital not only to help reduce the acidity in your body caused by the protein but also because of the fiber that it is offering you. Healthy vegetables as well as at least two pieces of fruit a day should be the basic requirement for any bodybuilder who wants to ensure success.

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