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How to become a bodybuilder

Posted by: Paul

Becoming a bodybuilder is something that will not happen overnight and you need to realize this before you start. If it were that easy to get muscle then everyone would have muscle on their body which as we know is simply not the case.

It requires tenacity, routine and discipline to get the results that you want in order to become a bodybuilder. We will be briefly discussing the basic steps that should be followed if you want to start out as a bodybuilder and get results fast and consistently.

The first thing you need to do is to always make sure that you are using the correct form and that you know how to do the movement correctly. But more important than that is the reason why you are lifting weight and that is to get stronger because a bigger muscle only comes from a stronger muscle.

So the first tip is the always focus on lifting more weight over time and this is the basic reason you are lifting a weight. You are lifting a weight so that you can lift just a little bit more next week because that means you are getting stronger and you will then gain muscle as a strong muscle is a big muscle.

The second important tip if you want to be a bodybuilder is to always make sure that you Go One Rep Short Of Failure. This is important as you might read a lot about the benefits of training with a high intensity but reaching the point of failure during every workout is not going to help.

Your central nervous system is the most complex organ in your body and going to or beyond the point of failure will use everything you have to get the required repair work done. You need to protect yourself from losing the precious hard gained muscle that you do have and over-training is a very real threat of taking those gains away.

The third tip is to make sure that you only perform exercises that work at least two muscle groups at once. This is very important if you are just starting out for the first time as you need to concentrate on doing compound exercises which are exercises that use more than one joint to complete like squats, bench-press and deadlifts.

Your pre and post workout meals or supplements are vitally important and you should know that after every high intensity workout you have a window of about 90 minutes in which to feed your broken muscles with the good quality protein or amino acids they are looking for to repair.

The last tip is to make sure that you are always training with a plan and that you never spend more than two or three weeks maximum, training the same program. If you always want to avoid slipping into the dreaded plateau that bodybuilders can fall into then you need to always change your workout.

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