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Safe weight training after surgery

Posted by: Darwin

I am a male, 67 years old, 5 ft. 11 in, 215 lbs. I have goals to retain strenght and muscle tone. I have lifed weights since college days. Until I started my career after college I worked out 6 days per week doing body building type workouts - using the old muscle mags for guidance. I spent the next 25 years doing workouts fairly regular unless my job took me away from it. I stayed pretty strong being able to bench press over 250 pounds most of those years. Since retiring 5 years ago I have tried to keep a regular workout schedule on the weights but keep hurting myself or catching up on a couple surgeries I had needed for a few years- knee replacement and shoulder surgery to repair a completely torn tendon. Feeling like I really want or must get back on track with weight training now.

Since retiring I have been doing part time lifeguard work which allows me to swim laps after guarding 3 days per week. I do about 40 to 50 lengths pretty easily in 30- 40 minutes and can do a mile without too much difficulty in about 50 minutes. I feel I did a workout but it doesn't wipe me out. Still afraid of really getting into weights due to those two surgeries tho. I have lost muscle size and tone as a result. I am starting to feel weaker especially in my shoulders.

I had a son playing sports- baseball, hockey, football and wrestling in high school and worked out with him during those years - sure miss it!! I do much more balance, stretching, etc. excersises these days but want to get back on the weights safely.

Thanks for any advice you can provide for this old fart trying to keep some semblance of health and strength as I age out.

Re: Safe weight training after surgery

Posted by: Paul

As long as you have doctor's okay to do weight training, I would recommended starting out very light and using slow perfect form, do a set of 20 reps, rest only 30 to 45 seconds and do a set of approximately 12 reps, rest another 30 to 45 seconds and do a set of approximately 8 reps.

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