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Sleeve splitting arm workout

Posted by: Paul

How To Build Sleeve Splitting Biceps!

Back in the day (1970's) before creatine, steroids, ephedrine and a massive load of muscle building misinformation, there was one time tested and sure fire way to build BIG biceps. It was a simple training method I used called...


Pretty simple right?

Well when you pick up a barbell and dumbbells for the first time and start training, NOTHING seems simple. To a beginner muscle builder, training and diet can be very confusing at time's.


Because there was no internet at that time, guys like me got their training and nutrition information from two major sources, Magazines and/or the older bodybuilders from the gym you trained at.


The majority of the magazines at the time were pure Bull Stuff (you know what I mean) at that time. Arnold was the king of bodybuilding so the training mantra of the day was a 6 days a week training routine that consisted of 20 sets of very high repetition training for each body part being trained that day.


Following that kind of training insanity is why the first two years of my muscle building endeavors were fruitless.


When muscle tissue is broken down because of heavy weight resistance training, the process of building the muscle tissue (anabolism) into bigger, much stronger muscle takes a minimum of 48 to 72 hours. Rush the process and the muscle will just get smaller and weaker, it is being over trained! That's why 98% of people getting into muscle building quit after the first six months.

Well... what happened since 1978 when I started bodybuilding?

I lucked out (no such thing as luck, just persistence) and happened in 1979 to meet a few of the best pre-steroid bodybuilders from the recent past. These guys helped me to understand the proven applied methods of training and nutrition that actually build muscle that lasts a life time, not a few weeks or months.

At first the information was hard to accept. It was the opposite of what I was reading about in the popular bodybuilding magazines of the day. Remember I told you Arnold was king of bodybuilding and he trained with high reps and hundreds of sets, it had to be true! Well, that type of bodybuilding was okay if you had the right genetics, took plenty of steroids and cared about nothing else in life including the future of your health!


I also had to take into account that I and many of my friends did NOT have the best genetics for building a muscular physique. The pre-steroid bodybuilders that helped me had above average genetics for building muscle, so I had to modify and redesign the training and nutrition information so that the MAJORITY of us want-to-be Bodybuilders would be successful. After I revamped the diet and training.


Our muscles grew so fast that guys in the gym thought we were taking steroids. I'm not lying! Guys thought we were on the juice because we were building, as they put it, "Sleeve Splitting Biceps" in record time. They never seen anything like it before. Want to know what I changed in the diet and training? Here it is:

1. I decreased the number of unnecessary sets and or reps in a given exercise.
2. Concentrated only on the most productive exercises for each muscle.
3. Created a training routine that stimulated each muscle fiber for growth.
4. Scientifically structured the training routines to stimulate, not annihilate the muscle fiber.
5. Structured the training routine so that the body chemistry would be put in an anabolic state of condition.
6. Designed a diet for maximum muscle tissue growth to augment the anabolic state the muscles had been put into with the advanced training principals applied.

This system of training I created that can build "Sleeve Splitting Biceps " has been so successful for me AND my clients that I want you to share it with you!

Just go to Sleeve Splitting Biceps and start building Sleeve Splitting Biceps TODAY!

My book "How To Build Sleeve Splitting Biceps" is real world training that works!

If your present training routine is NOT building bigger biceps remember this, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

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