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How to make your workouts more effective

Posted by: Big Bill

To get the best results you must have a plan of action. You should go into the gym and know what you are going to do. You should make charts that plan out every aspect of your workout. Know what you are going to do and I get it done.

My workouts rarely went for longer than an hour. As a result, I had more energy in the gym, I was never wondering around thinking to myself of what exercise I was going to do next, and I looked forward to the next time I had to go to the gym.

This is why I was so successful.

I had a plan of action every time I went to the gym. I forced myself to do this long enough until it became habit. It was hard at first, like any diet or workout program would be. I expected it to be challenging and I pushed through my comfort zone. Many people give up after the first week and think the program doesn't work. I wasn't going to make excuses, I wanted to know without a doubt if the program could really work. It was my personal experiment and I succeeded.

Quick Fact: Many women do not want to train with heavy weight because they think they will get bulky muscles. On average, women have a smaller bone structure than men. Women do not get bulky unless they already have a large bone structure.

To get the most out of my workout I had to train intensely and with challenging weights. I had to work up to weights that were challenging for me, here is an example of what I would do:

A few warm-up sets

2-3 sets that were progressively heavier

Then, one really heavy set

Finally I would finish off with two more sets that were easier.

By lifting with heavier weights, I was forcing my muscles to adapt. They had to get stronger because I was pushing them so hard. My body had no other choice but to get rid of the fat and build muscle.

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