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Essential fatty acids and multivitamins review

Posted by: Big Bill

Essential Fatty Acids and Multivitamins

What are EFA's and Multivitamins?

Supplements that give you the right amount of good fat and nutrition in your diet.

What do they do?

Provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for repairing body tissue and promoting the overall health of your body.

I did not think that I needed to supplement fat into my diet. I was incorrect, the body needs fat for many vital functions. I never supplemented fat into my diet until I found that it can actually help burn off the fats that my body didn't need.

Remember, a supplement is only meant to be added to your diet. I do not recommend trying to get your complete daily nutrition from supplements. Use them only to add to your current diet. When I started taking supplements I simply added them to my diet.

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