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Front Squats The Best Thigh Builder And Shaper

Posted by: Ron

The size and shape of your thighs can either make you look stocky or they can create an illusion to make your legs look long and hips narrower

Perform the 3/4 front squat as Vince Gironda outlined for super quad development

Vince has always been vocal against the traditional back squat.  He called it a hip thickener.  On the other hand, he liked the front squat performed in a very specific way and called it the greatest size builder and shape developer he’s ever known.

The way to do the 3/4 front squat for maximum results is:

To recap: one rep consists of lowering your body to the lowest position you can go, rising until your thighs are parallel to the floor, immediately lowering to the bottom again and rising to 3/4 of the way before repeating.

Try this exercise for variety and the incredible pump it will give you.

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