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Barefoot workout benefits

Posted by: Ron

The size and shape of your thighs can either make you look stocky or they can create an illusion to make your legs look long and hips narrower

There is one excellent way to increase the benefits of your  workouts by at least 10%

Train in bare feet

Anything you do in bare feet increases the proprioception of your whole body. If you can see your feet in the mirror as you train, that gives you even more information. You’ll be able to see whether you lift your toes as you pull a weight or if the arches of your feet collapse as your knees bend and so on.

All of these clues point to certain imbalances like weak or improperly trained glutes or deficiencies in hip stability where the ankles tries to stabilize instead and fails.

If you train at home, you’re all set. It will also keep you on your toes (literally) to be careful when you’re handling plates, dumb bells and barbells.  You’ll be more alert and will have more focus.

Try it for a few workouts and report back to us what you noticed

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