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Improve digestion bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

A lesser known fact about digestion is, that your state of mind matters while you eat and even afterwards.

Eat when you’re calm and pay attention to how the food makes you feel

Your mental and emotional state GREATLY affects your digestion.  If you ever have a fight or are upset about things, you likely have no appetite.  If you force yourself to eat at the time because it’s the scheduled time to eat, you’ll either end up just picking at the food or worse if you get it down, it’ll sit in your stomach like a lump of coal weighing you down.  During times of stress, your body release cortisol (the fight or flight stress hormone) and its sole purpose is to get you out of danger (perceived or real makes no difference.)  And when it’s time to get out of danger, digesting your food is the last thing on the priority list.

You also want to make sure you listen and pay attention to all the signals your body gives you.  Rest assured, it gives you signals!  If you have to loosen your belt a couple of notches even before you have your first slice of pizza, you know something’s going on.  When you accidentally let one go at the bottom of your squat and suddenly the whole gym clears out and a skunk shows up by your feet begging for the recipe, it’s a pretty clear sign the plumbing needs some attention.

All of these signals your body gives you can be related back to the foods you eat.  When everything is going well, your pants fit perfectly and there will be no accidental gas leakage, no matter how low you go on your squats or leg presses.  The main culprits wreaking havoc on your digestive system tend to be grains, nuts, pasteurized dairy and even eggs.  The easiest way to experiment with what it could be is to simply eliminate them one at a time for a week or two.  Then when you  re-introduce what you had skipped pay attention to the signs your body gives you.

I’m eager to hear how your experiments go so be sure to come back and fill me in, in the comments.

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