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How You Can Increase Your Concentration During Your Workout

Posted by: Ron

Distraction is what deters you from feeling the muscle you’re working

Work out in silence

To some, working out is like meditating.  The fewer distractions you have, the more of your concentration can go into working and feeling the correct muscles.  Vince Gironda has always advocated silence while working out.  The loud music in today’s gyms makes it hard for beginners to be fully present with the muscles they’re working.

Trainees who’ve been around the block a few times have it easier.  We can block out pretty much anything and concentrate on the rep at hand.

You’re at an advantage if you train at home as I know some of you do.  You can have the quiet you want or even play the type of music that encourages more concentration.

Give it a try, get a pair of ear plugs if you have to and see how much more focus you can squeeze out of your workout when there are no distractions.

Let me know how you find it.

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