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Break the rules of bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

What’s the right way of working out and what’s the wrong way?

Keep an open mind and question, challenge, bend, change and even break the rules of bodybuilding that you know

As difficult as it is maybe for you to read this, the only rule in bodybuilding is there are no rules. Vince Gironda taught me this many moons ago. What works for a champion may even hurt you and vice versa. The pursuit of bodybuilding is endless. You can discover new tricks, slight tweaks after 30, 40 and even 60 years of training. The key is to keep an open mind.

That is what Vince had and what I learned from him. There are endless ways to build a fantastic physique and most of them are unique to the individual. Vince was always after the same measurement in his lower quads as his upper quads like his friend Monte Wolford had. He would think of whatever he could to work the lower quads and bring them up to the same size as his upper quads.

He would whole heartedly believe in the saying: “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Perseverance, patience and consistency together will teach you exactly what your body needs to reach its full potential.

When you try a new exercise or a new routine, give it time and stick with it. It takes more than a week or two to know whether your body gets results out of it. Vince taught me to give it at least 9 months. If after 9 months you get great results, you know you found something good. If the results are less than stellar for you, it’s time to throw that concept out no matter how many pros supposedly had gotten their bodies with it.

This goes for everything Vince wrote and everything I write. I can only write from my own experiences and tell you what has worked for me or the bodybuilders I worked with.

At the end of the day, your results are in your hands. If you’ve been doing the same routine for a while and have plateaued, switch it up, even if you had gotten great results out of the same routine in the beginning. Your body adapts to the same thing over and over, plus you likely get bored after a while too.

This is why Vince is often quoted as confusing. He will recommend one thing in one course and another in a different course. What people fail to realize is his courses were written at different time periods. He also never stopped experimenting both on himself and on his clients. If he found a different way that worked just as well as his earlier concepts or better, you bet he wrote about it.

Have you ever “invented” an exercise that works really well for you? Perhaps it works just as well for others or no one else at all.

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