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Weight lifting workout rhythm

Posted by: Ron

When the weight, sets and reps are the same, this is what separates a great workout from a mediocre one

Develop a continuous rhythm while you work out.

You might be thinking, “what does dancing have to do with working out?” Well, dancing can be a great workout but what I mean by rhythm is simply that you create a flow to your workout. Going from set to set without losing your concentration and focus.

You have excellent workout rhythm when you stay with the workout even between sets. Without having to look at the clock to know when you’re ready for your next set. You just feel it, you’re in the groove. Blasting out rep after rep of perfect form, getting deep contractions in every full range of movement. It does become like a dance where there are no set steps, your body becomes one with the music, your brain turns off and you go where the music takes you. Going from exercise to exercise effortlessly, it’s almost like catching every green light on your way to your destination.

Once you’re in this flow, you’re one with your goal, your body, your individual muscles, the bench, the barbell and the movement. They become your dancing partner, like the music and Baby were Johnny’s in Dirty dancing. Nothing can deter you from your vision. You get more energy from each set and each rep.

When you have a complete singleness of purpose, you have the rhythm.

One thing to keep in mind is when you have this feeling of elation, it’s easy to confuse it with the desire to do more work. The mistake would be to actually do more work. Vince Gironda said: “a little poison cures; a lot kills.” Keep that in mind and stop when you’ve completed your planned workout.

How often do you feel you have that rhythm in your workout?

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