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How to catch up lagging muscles

Posted by: Ron

In case of a body part that’s falling behind, here’s the best course of action

Specialize on weak areas for 6 – 12 weeks

You have a weak body part. Everyone does. The whole point of old time bodybuilding is to bring your body into balance and make each area compliment the others. Biceps overpowering triceps looks odd, much like enormous quads making your calves look like straws can be embarrassing.

The key is to objectively evaluate areas that need some additional work and getting right down to it. I’m sure you have muscles that respond really well to training and you can easily add size to them where other areas seem to be stubborn like mules.

Vince Gironda had an eye for weak areas on a body as well as a solution. He would design programs to specifically bring up certain body parts by “shocking” them into growth. That meant to beat them into submission for a relatively short period of time, followed by ample rest so the muscle can recuperate and grow.

When you trained with Vince, he would make sure the bulk of the training was focused on the weak area with a few exercises and sets to maintain the rest of the body. Where some of his students, just reading his courses and articles without any interaction with Vince, went wrong was they tried to specialize on too many areas at once.

If a muscle is severely lacking, increase the volume and weights one workout, dropping the reps lower, then the following workout, increase the number of reps you perform but drop the weights used. At the same time, cut back work on your balanced areas to maintenance and I would go as far as suggesting to cut out all work for your easy to grow body parts while you’re focusing on the weak area.

Remember that this is short term. You need to cut back work on the rest of your muscles to allow your parasympathetic nervous system to focus on building new capillaries, neural pathways and size for the lacking body part.

Both Vince and I had great success in employing this method both on ourselves and on people we trained.

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