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One side muscles bigger than other

Posted by: Ron

Imbalances Between Your Left And Right Sides

What you can do when one side of your body is smaller than the other

Use your mind and concentration to even out imbalances between sides and muscles

You’re likely either left handed or right handed. Few people are ambidextrous naturally. It usually takes some time and effort to get that way, perhaps due to an injury to the broken limb.

Having a dominant side comes with one side being dominant while the other weaker and out of balance. I’m sure you’ve experienced it when performing a new, one handed or one legged exercise that requires each arm/leg to work independently. The smaller side is usually weaker and less co-ordinated.

I also learned this from Vince Gironda Instead of doing single arm or single leg movements to balance out left to right, he has successfully used his mind to concentrate on the weaker side and bring it up to par with the dominant side while using barbells and compound movements.

For example, while you’re performing chin ups, focus more on your weaker side, visualizing the muscles, the blood flowing through and the tissue engorging bigger and bigger with each contraction, increasing your pump.

Same goes for standing barbell curls or even barbell drag curls for the biceps, overhead presses for the shoulders. Pay more attention to the weaker side and it will pick up the slack.

How do you currently deal with having a dominant side?

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