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Size AND Shape, The Vince Gironda Way

Posted by: Ron

It’s easy to get size, shape is what gives you that impressive look

Concentrate on bringing up your weak body parts to balance out your size and shape

You maybe thinking: “‘It’s easy to get size’- is a mighty bold claim”. I agree. It is a bold claim so let me explain what I mean.

You have body parts that grow easily, no matter what you do for them yet others that lack behind. If you just focused on the easily growing body parts, you could put on more and more size in a relatively short period of time. That’s what I mean by “it’s easy to get size”.

The downfall is, your physique would look quite ugly and lop sided if you only worked your strong body parts and left the other areas out of balance. This is where Vince Gironda’s teachings come into play. He would have you focus on the lagging muscles, bringing them up, some more than others, to create the illusion and helping you look the biggest possible with great symmetry and a pleasing-to-look-at physique.

When your size and shape match, you’re untouchable. When your size overpowers your shape, you look blocky. When you have the shape but lack the appropriate size for your frame, you just look skinny.

Size is matched to your frame and Vince had a knack for seeing it in people. That’s how he was able to help his trainees win so many titles.

The first step is to take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror or through photographs, even videos now, and determine the areas you lack the most development and get to specializing on it. Yes, you may need to do the boring stuff for a while to bring that body part up but when it’s there, get ready for some compliments and respect from everyone around you.

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