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The dangers of supplements for athletes

Posted by: Ron

There’s quite a bit of hype out there about supplements and their power yet there are few mentions of the dangers of supplements.

Only take supplements once your nutrition is in order.

This may sound like I’m shooting myself in the foot since I manufacture and sell supplements. The truth of the matter is that my goal goes well beyond just selling supplements.

My goal is to help you get results and the supplements are only a part of that. Besides having the utmost respect for Vince Gironda, his teachings and the supplements he helped develop I keep his memory and legacy going because his advice works. It helps you attain your goal faster. It removes all the trial and error you would need to go through and filters it down to the techniques, exercises and nutrition that works.

His advice also keeps your health improving which has always been my goal too, is to help you reach your physique goals while improving your health. What’s a grand physique worth if you’re sick on the inside?

That brings me to today’s topic, the value of supplements. One of my goals is to educate you about your health so you can take your own health into your own hands and thrive. Digestion is an enormous part of health and so is what you put in your mouth. Supplements supposed to come once your nutrition is in order. Without eating highly nutritious foods and avoiding “foods” that deteriorate digestion, therefore your health and rob you of energy, it would be pointless and a waste of money to take supplements.

You’d barely absorb any of it and you would just excrete the majority of it, literally throwing money down the toilet.

Think of supplements as the mortar when you’re building a house. The nutrient foods you eat are the bricks. High nutrient content in your food is like having really strong and well formed bricks. Both of which are a foundation of a quality structure.

You could build an ok structure without mortar but there might be cracks and holes between the bricks. It’s excellent insurance for the building. On the other hand, building a strcture with mortar only would be disastrous and nearly impossible. Do you now see the dangers of supplements? You could use really high quality mortar and weak bricks only to find that structure crumbling and breaking down over time. This is another example of the dangers of supplements and how they give you a false sense of security as if it was possible to “fix” a bad diet with supplements. Can you see the downfall?

The only hiccup in today’s food supply is that our soils are so depleted that even our food has less nutrients than it used to just a few decades ago. For example, back in 1926 a serving of spinach used to have 260 mg of iron in it. A serving of spinach today, has 2 milligrams. That’s a drastic drop in our food’s nutrient content.

To sum it all up, having your nutrition and lifestyle in order AND taking NSP’s high quality supplements, while training the way Vince Gironda suggests, you have a winning combination. So make sure you’re eating well before you begin investing in supplements be them NSP or another brand. Train with concentration, focus and minimal rest and have quality sleep.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on supplements, please share in the comments below.

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