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Vince Gironda honest workout

Posted by: Ron

Vince Gironda has always preached this to be the honest workout.

Continuously reduce your rest periods between sets!

What is the Vince Gironda honest workout?

Most people would say an honest workout is when you leave the gym exhausted or when you’ve lifted a ton of weight or when you’ve lifted the heaviest weight you’ve ever lifted. Vince had a different view with which I wholeheartedly agree.

An honest workout is when you’ve taken the absolute minimum rest between sets and moved from exercise to exercise with the least amount time possible.

As I touched on in earlier posts, what builds muscle is getting the most amount of work in the least amount of time.

A recent study proves this with actual numbers. Over the years, studies have proven Vince Gironda’s concepts over and over. This is one of example of them.

The study had two groups of people, one working out for 62 minutes (4 sets of 8 exercises with 1 – 2 minutes), another for only 32 minutes (3 rest-pause sets of 3 exercises with 2:30 mins rest between rest-pause sets.) Rest pause sets are what Vince has always advocated: Do a set, rest 15 – 20 seconds, do another set, rest another 15-20 seconds and so on. Obviously you want to work towards such short rests overtime, especially if you take longer rests now.

The study measured the resting energy expenditure 22 hours after exercise. The group that worked out for 62 minutes had a resting energy expenditure of 98 calories, the group that performed rest-pause sets had a resting energy expenditure of 452 calories. It’s an over 4.5 times increase.

(Reference: J Transl Med. 2012 Nov 24;10:237.)

Getting in and out of the gym in a short period of time while putting in an honest workout stimulates testosterone and increases your metabolism even while you rest. Aerobic work has no such effect, which is why it’s mostly a waste of your time.

This is more proof that Vince was way ahead of his time and science is still catching up to what he was saying over 5 decades ago!

Remember to drop your weights for these short rest sets and give them a try. I’d love to hear back from you regarding your experience with it.

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