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Is MSG bad for bodybuilding?

Posted by: Ron

MSG is not good for health and bodybuilding.

Look for and avoid any and all MSG in your bodybuilding diet.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a neurotoxin and excitotoxin, meaning it negatively affects your nervous system. It over excites your cells to the point of cell damage and even cell death.

When food is laced with MSG, people tend to eat more of it and eat it more quickly. Studies done on animals show that consuming MSG caused a chronic overproduction of insulin. Then the body produces killer T cells to attack and shut down the pancreas (where insulin is made.)

Unfortunately, the pancreas is your best friend when it comes to digesting your food and absorbing all its nutrients which is in direct co-relation to your health, so having your pancreas shut down is bad.

Since 1977 AuxiGro (a chemical based growth enhancer) has included MSG. It is sprayed on lettuce, strawberries, russet potatoes amongst a host of other fruits, vegetables and grains. That means the conventionally grown vegetables and fruits you buy likely contain MSG already.

Because of this and all the places MSG is used, the average MSG consumption in America is one teaspoon per day!!

Some symptoms linked with MSG consumption:

The simplest way to avoid most of the MSG is to stop eating processed foods, fast food, eating in restaurants and buying packaged food, especially if it’s microwave ready. Reading labels would also help you out a lot, although processed food manufacturers have gotten crafty with how they label it.

MSG could be labeled as:

Sadly, that list just goes on.

Preparing your own food from scratch using organic ingredients is your best bet to avoid neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and even Lou Ghreig’s disease.

Do you read labels and look for ingredients like MSG?

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