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Training natural vs enhanced

Posted by: Ron

There are great differences between natural vs enhanced training regardless of what you read from current popular sources.

Adjust your training appropriately if you’re steroid free

The magazines will have you believe that in order to get as big as the pros, you have to train like the pros and eat like the pros. The one key ingredient to that formula that never gets mentioned in the magazines is you would also have to take the same type and amount of steroids as the pros take.

The differences between natural vs enhanced training

For one, certain steroids elevate your testosterone levels allowing you to train at full capacity beyond the 45 minutes or so that your body can take naturally. This means you can break down more muscle tissue.

Steroids increase your body’s ability to recover faster. So all that broken down muscle tissue will take considerably less time to repair and heal which translates to faster growth.

The drugs also spare your nervous system from getting exhausted (which is the reason you sometimes shake and tremble after some heavy sets.)

The unfortunate fact is that the magazines make their money from advertisers. The advertisers tend to be supplement companies. So it’s in the best interest of the magazines to make supplements seem like the answer to putting on size AND getting lean. When a young trainee does the same routine as his or her favorite pro, week after week, and fails to get the body his/her idol has, he’she will look for the secret ingredient they might be missing. This is going to be the supplement that pro or model is recommending.

After a few years, the trainee realizes and learns that there’s more to the way the pro looks than the training and supplementation. By this time, “fresh blood” has entered the arena who’s just starting out and wants to look like the new pros. The good news (for the magazines) is that there are always new readers who are younger and more naive so they may lose the old readers but they’ll gain new ones. It turns into a numbers game. Sadly the new look of the pros appeals to fewer and fewer people which is the reason their claims need to be bolder and bolder.

It’s a vicious cycle that most people get dragged into.

So the 5 exercises per body part training over the long term for a natural trainee will eventually lead to burnout.

The way to avoid that burnout and disappointment is to train like Vince Gironda suggested:

  1. Cut back on the number of exercises per body part per workout
  2. Keep working on reducing your rest periods to 2 – 3 deep breaths (10 – 15 seconds) between sets
  3. Essentially make your muscles do the most work in the least amount of time
  4. Use perfect form and concentrate on the right muscles
  5. Give yourself ample time to recover between workouts
  6. Use nutrition and proper supplementation to supply the building blocks for repair and growth to aid in recovery
  7. Specialize on the lagging body parts for a relatively short period of time while putting the rest of your body on maintenance

Once you get your head around that less is more and put the above together on a consistent basis, your gains will come.

I’ll leave you with one question: How do you eat an elephant? The answer applies to how you reach your physique goals (or any goals for that matter.)

For more information on checkout The Training and Diet Secrets of Vince Gironda "The Iron Guru"

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