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Weight training while injured

Posted by: Ron

You’re slowing down your recovery without doing this.

Continue with some type of movement (unless you have broken bones)

Life is movement. Nothing ever stops moving unless it’s dead. As harsh as that statement may seem, it’s a fact. Every second of the day, there is movement around you. The Earth is constantly moving, you’re breathing and moving, your blood is flowing. You might be thinking, “what does that have to do with training while injured?” My answer is that it has a lot to do with it. Your body was meant to move, your blod, nutrient and cleansing circulation works. That’s also how your muscles stay strong and co-ordinated. So just because you hurt yourself, twisted an ankle, pulled a muscle, inflamed an elbow or sprained a knee your body and other muscles still need movement.

What changes is the type of training you do. You go from a muscle building routine to a rehabilitative routine. Making sure you pump blood throughout your body that’s full of nutrients and also to carry away waste material build-up form repairing the injured cells. This is the time you need to focus on form and connecting with your body, going only as far as it feels painless. This is the perfect time to bring out your anatomy books (or seek professional help form a physical therapist , chiropractor, osteopath or sports medicine doctor) to learn how to strengthen the muscles around the injury, essentially “surrounding the dragon” and doing everything you can to prevent this from happening again.

Finding the reason your shoulder hurts is key, for example. If you’re doing too more pressing movements than pulling movements, overdeveloping your front delts, pec major and pec minor muscles, they’ll pull your humerus forward causing grinding in the joint, creating inflammation which will cause pain. This is why Vince Gironda was very adamant about balance, you must develop your rear deltoids, rhomboids and lats to bring the humerus back in line and relieving the pain. Quads dominating hamstrings will cause back pain… and the list goes on. Balance sounds boring yet it’s the key to being pain free.

What nagging pains are you putting up with these days?

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