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Whey VS Milk And Egg Protein Powder

Posted by: Ron

Choose milk & egg protein powder instead of whey for cell repair and muscle growth

The argument regarding whey vs milk and egg protein powder will likely go on for a while. This article is to give you my reaons behind sticking with milk and egg protein.

What is whey protein powder?

I’m quite sure you’re familiar with whey protein powders. It’s made from a by-product of cheese production. When the milk is left to set, they whey will separate and drip down. Cheese makers would literally throw the whey out or give it to pigs (which will eat anything). Raw whey has a tart flavor and has a high carbohydrate and potassium content. They gave it to pigs to dispose of it and to fatten the pigs up.

The fact is, whey is a relatively new addition to the supplement industry. They first came on board in the late 1980s and due to clever marketing and low cost, exploded in popularity in the early 1990s. They were touted as the perfect protein with higher biological value than eggs because it went through your digestive system faster.

One thing was left out, the high processing of whey, both through heat and with chemicals. That processing adulterates and denatures the protein and pretty much makes it lose any value it may have had. Because the particles are so small, whey actually goes through your system too quickly without much of it actually being absorbed. It’s a great illusion.

Some people call me a fool for refusing to sell whey. When it comes to revenues, I’m likely giving up a large source of income. On the other hand, I can sleep at night, knowing the supplements I offer help you improve both your health and your physique.

Why should I choose milk and egg protein powder?

The benefits of milk and egg protein powder are slower absorption, which means the protein is in your system longer, giving your cells a greater time to absorb them. Instead of going in and out of your system and lighting speeds, your cells have ample opportunity to use it to repair themselves.

Milk and egg protein powder provides a sustained positive nitrogen balance. This is why Vince Gironda recommended making a large amount of thick pudding like drink to be sipped throughout the day. This ensured ample protein and other nutrients in small quantities for the whole day.

Think of drinking whey protein as spikes of protein. Much like drinking a sugary drink for energy. Yes, it will give you a quick boost of energy (maybe too much at first) which will be followed by a big dip in energy. Milk and egg protein powder on the other hand releases protein slowly and steadily, giving you a continuous flow of the building blocks your body needs. Much like eating slow releasing carbohydrates like sweet potatoes give you sustained energy for the long haul.

The old saying of “slow and steady wins the race” holds true in building muscle too.

The best time to have milk and egg protein is an hour or so before you go to bed. It will supply the needed building blocks for your body at the time when it’s in its most anabolic state: during sleep.

For some people the deciding factor between protein powders is price. Whey is cheap, mainly because the ingredients are cheap and it’s quick to produce. The raw materials for milk and egg protein powder is much more costly which unfortunately raises the price of the final product.

Note: For the best milk and egg protein powder for bodybuilding checkout Bio-Available Protein.

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